Cricket: ‘Virat Kohli really worried about Covid19 situation’, declares Sourav Ganguly

The Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) president Sourav Ganguly has declared that the Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli is very worried about the Covid19 situation in the country and especially in Mumbai.
Ganguly said, he is is constant touch with the captain and National Cricket Academy head Rahul Dravid to deliberate on the way forward for the Indian cricket. Dada revealed that the Indian cricketers including Virat Kohli are currently worried about the entire Covid19 crisis. Ganguly stated that situation in Mumbai, where the Virat Kohli is currently staying, is like an “absolute nightmare”.
“Yeah, I am in touch with them. I have spoken to the captain a couple of times. I am in touch with the NCA head. Players are also very worried because the numbers are so high. The captain comes from Mumbai where it’s an absolute nightmare at the moment. So it’s quite natural that he will be little worried. All of us are”, said Ganguly on India Today’s Inspiration show. 
Sourav Ganguly declares, ‘we don’t have clear idea when Indian cricket can return’
“You don’t want to come out on a cricket field, at the end of the day it’s a sport and get infected. So as I said, we are looking into it and we are in touch with the players. I am in touch, Jay (Shah) is in touch. The cricket operations people are in touch. We keep preparing FTPS and keep reshuffling them with time and keep looking at every option. As I said, till we don’t decide which is the day (for return), we have to keep shuffling,” Sourav Ganguly said.
BCCI President is especially concerned about the International Cricket Council’s Future Tours Program (FTP). With so many international series getting postponed due to Covid19, according to Ganguly it will be absolute nightmare to reschedule the World Test Championships and other series.
“It’s applicable for everything. Domestic cricket is still fine. Even if you delay it by 2 months, it doesn’t make that sort of a difference but if you’re delaying international cricket, the FTPs and the IPL, every cycle goes for a toss. The World Test Championship goes for a toss, the ODI championship goes for a toss, so everything changes. FTP scheduled programmes are cancelled, a lot less for India because for India, the IPL was cancelled. So from that point of view, as I said, we have to keep assessing,” Ganguly stated.