Cricket News: Rajput creates training module for Zimbabwe players, monitoring on weekly basis

Former India batsman and Zimbabwe coach Lalchand Rajput has created a training module encompassing both the physical and mental aspects, and is monitoring his players’ progress through the use of technology.

Like in India, the lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic has been extended in Zimbabwe, too.

“We have given a training programme to the players. The activities we have included are the ones which can be done at home like skipping, side to side running and thera bands. We have also included stretching and Yoga activities,” Rajput told PTI.

According to Rajput, he shared the training-cum-fitness programme with the team’s trainer and Zimbabwe cricket director of coaching, who shared it with the players.

“Skipper Sean Williams messages me sometimes about what he does, also one-two others are also in touch with me. Not all players are from Harare (a prominent city),” he added.

Citing an example, he said he has asked the batsmen to follow a simple drill – put a ball inside a sock and hit it indoors.

According to the Zimbabwe head coach, there are some players who reside in bungalows and he has asked them to do short sprints inside its premises.

“I have asked the trainer to follow up with the players on a day-to-day basis and he informs me on weekly (basis) about the development,” he added.

Rajput, who has been a manager with the Indian cricket team, said he has asked the players to also follow the programme given by the psychologist to keep their mind free of any negativity.

Rajput has asked the Zimbabwe cricket board to give at least a month’s time for training when sporting activities resumes.

“Once the action resumes, it won’t be feasible to immediately start the tours as they will need practice,” said Rajput, who also thanked Zimbabwe Cricket for providing help.

On a personal front, Rajput headed home following the Zimbabwe tour of Bangladesh.

Rajput, who has also coached Afghanistan and domestic teams, is enjoying spending time with his family.