Cricket Business : ICC allows front chest branding for the first time during test matches

These are desperate times and desperate measures are being taken everywhere to ease the pain for the sufferers. The global governing body for the sport of cricket, International Cricket Council (ICC) is also doing the same. The world cricket boards are facing huge loss of revenues due to Covid19 and keeping that in mind, ICC has relaxed commercial branding norms for the test matches.  

The ICC has approved temporary changes to its clothing regulations by  allowing for additional shirt sponsorship inventory during the  Test matches.
ICC has opened up a 12-month window for teams to display partner branding on the front of Test match t-shirt / top / sweater. Previously, front-of-shirt branding was only permitted during the one-day or Twenty20 internationals.

The regulations update reads: ‘The CEC has also approved a relaxation of rules in the apparel logos for the next 12 months.

‘A logo, not exceeding 32 square inches in size, may be placed on the chest of the Test match shirt and sweater in addition to the three other logos allowed as per regulations.’

This means now the BCCI or any other cricket board can offer the additional logo branding on the front chest of its national team to existing or any new commercial sponsor. 

The inventory could provide additional revenue for the national cricket boards whose financial coffers are severely impacted because of the Coronavirus pandemic.