Cricket Business : BCCI invokes ‘Force Majure’ clause with Star India on IPL Contract says report

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The chances of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) season happening this year is getting bleaker by the day. The Covid19 cases are increasing in the country on a daily basis and under these circumstances BCCI has almost no chance to move ahead with the current season. The current situation has lead BCCI to invoke ‘Force Majeure’ clause with Star India on the IPL media rights contract.
According to a report published in Times of India, The BCCI has sent a letter to Star India invoking the ‘Force Majeure’ clause should there be a suspension / delay in hosting the edition of the IPL 2020.
What is Force Majeure Clause ?
In all standard contractual agreements Force Majeure clause gets included in order to protect the parties in case they cannot perform its obligations under a contract due to the occurrence of an event which is outside the reasonable control of the party and which prevents them to perform as per the terms of the contract.
Though normally the ‘Force Majeure’ contract implies to any act of God (Earthquakes, any other Natural disasters) but here BCCI has invoked the clause in the wake of the Covid19 outbreak.
What does Invoking of this clause imply ?
This clearly implies that some BCCI management is also gradually losing hope on going ahead with IPL 2020 season. In order to protect themselves and comply with the contractual obligation they decided to invoke the said clause.
The report further quoting a BCCI source has declared that the said letter is merely a contractual obligation. The BCCI has not specified in its letter to Star about what lies in store for IPL 2020.
InsideSport tried reaching BCCI officials but none of them wanted to come on record to comment on the situation. InsideSport has further learnt that same set of letters are being sent to other contractual parties and commercial sponsors. BCCI in order to safeguard themselves will invoke the ‘Force Majeure’ clause with sponsors including the title partner VIVO.