Cricket Business : BCCI does not know, who is the current Secretary of the board ?

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Have you ever seen an organization, who does not know about its office bearers. But the world’s richest cricket body, the Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) has become such an organization now a days, that actually is not ready to give out names of its office bearers. 
Probable reason, as per the new constitution prepared under the Lodha committee reforms, secretary Jay Shah’s tenure ended on Tuesday. He completed his six years in cricket administration yesterday. Before becoming the BCCI Sec, Shah was the joint secretary of the Gujarat Cricket Constitution. The new constitution says administrators have to take a three-year cooling-off break after six successive years in any state unit or in the BCCI.
BCCI officials does not know – who is the board’s secretary ?
InsideSport reached out to two senior board officials on Wednesday morning to ask a very simple question – Who is the Honorary Secretary of the BCCI ?
These were the replies given by these senior functionaries. 
“In a way we can say that BCCI from today does not have a secretary. All is on auto mode currently’, said one of the senior member of board from down South. 
“No one can answer this in open but truth is as per the constitution we don’t have a secretary now and we will not even have a president from 27th July”, said the other senior BCCI functionary. 
InsideSport checked BCCI’s official website to see if the name of the office bearers are listed on the same. And to our surprise, not even a single name was mentioned on the page. The page had a message, “Member information to be added here”. InsideSport can’t ascertain that the info on the page was removed in the last few days due to the ongoing issue or because of some technical error the page does not show the information about the office bearers of the world’s most richest and biggest cricket board. 
Sourav Ganguly will cease to be BCCI president from 27th July

The norms of the new constitution will also apply on the BCCI president Sourav Ganguly. As per the same 6 year norm, the former Indian captain will complete its tenure by 27th July. Going by the same rule Joint-secretary Jayesh George’s term gets over on September 23. 

Meanwhile, BCCI on behalf of these senior board functionaries have appealed in Supreme Court seeking a revision of the rule, but the appeal is yet to come up for hearing.

Is this the reason, IPL 2020 Meeting is still pending ?
Now the big question, if the board does not have working secretary, who will call for the meeting to decide the issues surrounding IPL 2020. Is this the reason that despite of public outcry and board’s own declaration, the crucial IPL 2020 meeting to review the sponsorship contracts with the Chinese companies has not been organized ? 

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