Courting Fashion: A glimpse of women’s tennis fashion collection

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Fans will now have a chance to look back over history of the evolution of clothing in women’s tennis. The International Tennis Hall of Fame has launched a comprehensive online gallery, displaying their vast fashion collection.

The fascinating digital exhibit by the International Tennis Hall of Fame, called ‘Courting Fashion’, showcases a range of garments, costumes and footwear from male and female players across this history of the game, states a write-up on WTA’s official website.

The Courting Fashion provides fans of the sport with an opportunity to peruse and learn about the history of tennis fashion in a unique online gallery, spreading back to the start of the 19th century.

From the petticoats, corsets and raised-heel boots of the 1880s to the glamorous Open-era and present-day fashions sported by the likes of Venus Williams and Jelena Jankovic, viewers can take a journey through the annals of the game’s clothing and personal accessories.

Over 300,000 photographs and videos and 25,000 objects have been preserved in the searchable gallery collection. Click here to watch complete collection.

The digital exhibits are planned for 2019, taking in the history of the sport’s racquets and trophies.

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