COD Black Ops Cold War reveals new jaw dropping campaign missions, Check out

COD (Call of Duty) Black Ops Cold War reveals new jaw dropping campaign missions,

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has released a set of three videos and a blog post to give you a sneak peek at some of the places you’ll visit in its campaign mode in COD BLACK OPS COLD WAR. The videos show locations from three separate campaign missions, so beware of light spoilers if you’d prefer to go into the game with as many surprises intact as possible. They’re just pans of locations, though, so you don’t have to worry about any character dialogue dropping revelatory plot details.

COD (Call of Duty) Black Ops Cold War

COD Cold War Campaign Mission: “Nowhere Left to Run” Amsterdam

A massive break in a CIA investigation led three operators to this otherwise seedy watering hole, one whose jukebox is always tuned to the latest hits despite the lack of turnover to its décor or its top-shelf bottles on offer. After a meeting with their source, the checks are cleared and they exit past the local bargoers to the alleyways, gearing up to capture the first of two key players to an ongoing hostage crisis.

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Raven Software’s developer Dan Vondrak says “Nowhere Left to Run is a great example of how we wanted to pay homage to the original COD Black Ops in a few ways that fans will recognize. “but also give newcomers a great first taste of what COD Black Ops is all about without needing any previous experience with the series. This first mission really serves as a great way to bring back Woods and Mason as well as introduce one of our new heroes, Russell Adler.”Vondrak said.

COD Cold War Campaign Mission: “Fracture Jaw” Vietnamwar

Who is this threat that can alter the course of this global struggle? As one of the operators recall from their time fighting in the Vietnam War, it’s none other than Perseus, a mysterious Soviet spy that some people believe never even existed.

“Narratively, these two pieces fit together perfectly as the team has to try and relive their past and unblur the lines between truth and deception,” Vondrak said. “It was great being able to push the big war feeling in these levels, from flying helicopters to being a soldier on the ground fighting through jungles and rice paddies.”

“One of my favorite levels is one of the later Vietnam missions,” Vondrak added, “as we really pushed to give the player more freedom and control. It’s easily the most unique mission we’ve ever made.”

COD Cold War Campaign Mission: “Desperate Measures”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, and that’s what this mission is all about,” Vondrak explained. “After tracking down several leads in the hunt for Perseus, the team find themselves faced with the unthinkable: they must go behind the Iron Curtain – into the heart of the Soviet Union – and infiltrate the KGB headquarters.”

“We really wanted the player to experience something different with this level, give them more freedom and control over how they complete their objective,” Vondrak said. “You are given multiple ways to complete your objective, hiding in plain sight as you walk through the hallways of the famous Lubyanka building. You have the freedom to talk to a variety of people and explore the building – ultimately culminating in an action-packed finish to the mission.”

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