Clippers vs Suns Live Game 4 in NBA Playoffs 2021: Suns win 84-80 to take a 3-1 lead in the series

Clippers vs Suns Game 4 in NBA Conference Finals: LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns- 27th June NBA Playoffs Schedules, Date, India time, Scores: Clippers vs Suns Game 4 in NBA Conference Finals Live: Suns win 84-80 to take a 3-1 lead in the series

DeAndre Ayton isn’t happy about that foul. It looked clean on the block of Mann. That’s a bailout call from the refs.

The Suns are turning their offensive rebounds into points and the Clippers are not. That’s the gap here.

Mann and the foul, and the Clippers can cut the deficit here down to 10. Mann was huge in the second half on Thursday, and the Clippers will need him to be again tonight if they’re going to come back.

Clippers vs Suns Live Game 4: Phoenix has such incredible hands-on defense. They’re just constantly blocking and stripping and giving their teammates time to get back into the play. That’s what Crowder just did, and Ayton got a block out of it.

The Clippers will keep possession after that offensive foul on Paul, but Beverley picks up a completely unnecessary technical foul in the process. That’s two free points the Clippers have given the Suns tonight on wholly unnecessary techs.

That’s four quick fouls on the Clippers. We’re less than a third of the way through this quarter and the Suns are only one foul away from the bonus. They’re going to shoot plenty of free throws this quarter.

Chris Paul is not happy. He wants free throws, but the officials are calling that floor on the foul. It was close, but it looked like the right call live. The suns take it out of bounds.

The Clippers are gaining a little bit of steam here, and it’s all starting on defense. If they can generate good looks in transition, they can afford a little bit more in the way of shooting struggles. The lead is down to 10 for Phoenix only two minutes into the second half.

Clippers vs Suns Live Game 4: And Cameron Payne wipes away George’s jumper with a huge 3 of his own. One of these teams can score and the other can’t.

That Paul George jumper FINALLY ends the scoreless streak for the Clippers. They hadn’t put the ball through the hoop in over six minutes!

The Clippers can’t do anything on offense. They have 26 points in 19 minutes. Their defense is keeping them within general striking distance, but they’ll have no chance if they can’t start making shots.

Clippers vs Suns Live Game 4: They call off Booker’s jumper for travel there. The Clippers are still +1 with George on the bench.

The Clippers have a bit more offensive juice now that they’re playing small, but they lose rim protection in the bargain. Zubac has been so good in this series that they can’t stick with this group for very long, but let’s see if it gives them a boost.

Cameron Payne looks like his typical spry self thus far. He’s as quick as ever despite suffering an ankle injury that knocked him out of Game 3.

Devin Booker fouls Paul George in transition and gets a free point out of it. George got T’d up for making contact with Booker afterward.

George lays it in, and with Phoenix’s defense playing this well as a team, the Clippers are going to need a star-level performance out of him to have a chance here.

Slight tweak to the starting lineup for the Clippers: Marcus Morris is in, Terance Mann is out. Mann will play a big role off of the bench, but Morris getting the start should be a good sign that his knee is making some progress in its recovery.

It's not all come together yet' for grieving Kawhi Leonard, as he ponders helicopter commuting

Game 4 in NBA Conference Finals: Kawhi Leonard out for Game 4

All-NBA forward Kawhi Leonard has a right knee sprain that will keep him out of the Los Angeles Clippers’ lineup for Game 4 of the Western Conference finals against the Suns.

Kawhi Leonard Injury: It is a massive blow for the Clippers, who are trying to get back in this series.

We continue to chip away, try to find ways we can be better and impose our will on opponents,” Clippers guard Reggie Jackson said. ”We showed a lot of heart, a lot of fight.

The Clippers cut their series deficit to 2-1, ending the Suns’ franchise-record playoff winning streak at nine games. ”Our guys keep grinding, keep fighting,” Clippers coach Tyronn Lue said. ”We never give in.

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