‘Century’ to set new highs for Brand Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is synonym with many first in soccer. On the soccer field, and soccer brand market, too. The star with highest annual salary @ Rs 270 crores (Euro 38.9 million) for a soccer player. Richest footballer ever with a net worth of Rs 1,449 crores (Euro 210 million). Sportsperson with the highest annual revenues @ Rs 605 crore(Euros 87.5 million). Add to this another first, Ronaldo became the first to strike a century of goals in the Champions League.

The century completed with a hat-trick of goals. It was a battle between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. His heroics also secured the Spanish club a place in the semi-finals.

Away from the brand business, for purists with interests confined to performance. Ronaldo completed the century with a hat-trick. The grand showing enabled the Portuguese soccer star to steer six goals ahead of his Barcelona rival Lionel Messi as the Champions League top scorer. Messi to his credit had 94, including 11 in the current season. It also assured Ronaldo’s side Real of a Champions League semi-final berth.

” Milestones are marketable for sure. A hundred is a nice number. A century of goals is a milestone that can get monetized. It sure is an event. An event that is vital from the brand endorsement perspective for sure ” , says leading brand consultant Harish Bijoor

For Real, Ronaldo’s Champions League tally now stands at 85 goals in as many appearances. 85 goals in 85 appearances in the Champions League for Madrid. The other 15 are netted for Manchester United. Ronaldo’s club before he moved to Real Madrid.

Only last week, Ronaldo had completed a century of goals in European Club competitions.

The phrase goes that in sports records are mere numbers. But, these numbers do matter for the market. That invests for encashment of stardom of sporting icons. Talking points a sporting icon’s performance  plays a key role in determining the value of the star. Ronaldo’s ‘century’, off course, has given another big talking points for sport and soccer world.