Catch Poker Sports League high octane grand finale on DSport

Poker Sports League Season 2 - InsideSport

The Poker Sports League Season 2 climax is all set to unfold on DSport tomorrow (Sunday) as the six episodes over six days culminate into one champion team and numerous additions to the millions-strong poker sports community.

Agreed, in poker sport, there is no movement and action like physical sports. Still, intensity and excitement of the Poker Sports League Season 2 decider can have a heartbeat or two skip with every single move.

So intense is brainstorming that the five-time world chess champion Viswanathan Anand did not miss a single hand as the teams battled it out for the best share of ₹ 4.5 crore prize purse. Few sports leagues in India will offer a better deal than ₹ 2 crore winners’ cheque pocketed by the PSL champions. The scintillating finale is yet another testimony to the fact the wise players with better moves emerge the champions, good or poor cards are just one of the glorious uncertainties of the game.

Luck is a myth in this game of extreme skills – calculation, combinations and permutations. In poker sport perseverance, never say die spirit with grit and determination to fight back are the traits that determine the champions. How? The grand finale on DSport at 9 pm tomorrow (Sunday) will be the perfect answer to all the queries. How the champion team takes away the glory in the last minutes is the stuff that separates the champions from contenders at the top in all competitive sports. That further strengthens Poker Sports League’s strongest claim that poker sports is a game of skills and not gambling as the aloof will assume.

The six-episode series since Tuesday last has been an education for the beginners. With each passing episode, all wise brains start getting a hold on the game. The seasoned players with each passing game equip themselves in assessing the seasoned pros on the tables. For knowledgeable, excitement in any sport lies in assuming the next move by the players. Poker is no different either.

The first five episodes were edited and scripted to give each poker follower – beginner, amateur and seasoned pros alike – an insight into the sport and the top poker brains across different tables, representing different teams. The grand finale is your opportunity to be part of the action virtually by anticipating the action while watching the game in progress on DSport. Sunday will be all poker fans day to try and stay ahead of the action in their anticipation and assumptions.

Revealing anything more will douse that spark of uncertainty competitive sports are all about. Tune into DSport on Sunday at 9 pm to see the one champion team walking away with ₹ 2 crores, the next best pocketing ₹ 1.2 crores and the second runners-up returning home richer by ₹ 90 lakh.

For the passionate fans, an hour on DSport will further give some skill and major insight about the sport that sharpens your cerebral abilities to be a professional sportsperson. It costs nothing. The beginners earn while they learn. Any doubts? Just log into the Poker Sports League website.

For OTT media players there exists an opportunity to hold this strong poker community to your screens. The content – all six episodes – are going to stay in the digital sphere. The content is valuable and rights are available. The best in the interest of the game will win the right of association with the Poker Sports League Season 2.