Cartoon character Son Goku to be 2020 Games ambassador

Japan has chosen the main cartoon character of Dragonball Z, Son Goku, as the ambassador of the 2020 Olympics. Goku beat Pikachu and other Pokemon species to become the ambassador for the next games.

Importantly, Goku enjoys iconic status among its followers in Japan. For the generation that grew up identifying with Goku, the choice of the ambassador makes the games very attractive. The ambassador will feature in all the merchandise for the 2020 Games.

Other cartoon stars that will be seen across several promotional activities for the 2020 too. They include Mario, Naruto and Sailor Moon. Importantly, the cartoon characters have iconic following globally that can help take the games around the world.

The closing event of the 2016 Games at Rio had seen Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dressed as Super Mario. As announced by the Prime Minister then, Japan wants the country’s rich culture will be central to the Olympic Games in 2020.