Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: New game launch confirmed after latest Job Listings by Activision

WARZONE will bring New Anti-Cheat on the same day the new Warzone Pacific map launches. warzone season 5 reloaded
WARZONE will bring New Anti-Cheat on the same day the new Warzone Pacific map launches. warzone season 5 reloaded

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile confirmed from latest Job Listings by COD developer Activision: Since, its 2019 release, Activision’s Call of Duty: Mobile has seen growth both in quality & numbers. Recently, the premium gaming title reached a milestone of 500 Million total downloads globally. TiMi studios, developer of the game, reportedly earned 10 Billion USD in revenue whereas the majority percentage of that mammoth sum was generated by Call of Duty: Mobile. However, by the looks of it, another mobile version of the game will soon be coming to mobile phones. The popular PC title from the franchise named Call of Duty Warzone is reportedly is in works for a mobile iteration of it.

COD Warzone Mobile – New Launch: Activision recently posted about new job openings as the team is hiring new members dedicated to the mobile segment. The Linked In post reads, “Activision Mobile has put up new roles! Teams are focused on Live Operations and content expansion across Call of Duty. Our dev teams are dedicated to mobile and comprised of all major disciplines,”

As per the description, they are focusing on “Content Expansion” which indicates COD Warzone Mobile is indeed on their to-do list. Warzone has been a huge success since its launch on console and PC in March 2019. & its mobile iteration will definitely deliver impressive results for the company. While PC gaming is very demanding & so out of reach for many gaming enthusiasts, now more than ever, mobile gaming seems the perfect fit. Therefore, from a business perspective as well, Call of Duty Mobile Warzone holds true potential to take the throne of the best AAA Mobile title in the coming days.

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Especially when competitors like PUBG Mobile are launching new editions of the game like PUBG: Mobile: New State, Call of Duty: Mobile must evolve to greater platforms as well to put up a good fight. While the multiplayer version of Call of Duty: Mobile is still an ace, the Battle Royale part of it is lagging behind when it comes to offering a fluid & bug-free gameplay experience. On top that, other popular PC titles like Apex Legends & Valorant are also launching their games on mobile platforms to claim their share of the market. Although, taking everything into consideration, if Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is turned into a reality, this might be the game changer the franchise is looking for.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile – New Launch Soon?

It is to be noted that none of this is confirmed by Activision and its all speculations that are buzzing around. However, if Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is in plans, we can expect official updates to drop soon, so stay tuned.

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