Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11 Update; Everything we know so far

October will mark the 1-year anniversary of the call of duty mobile season 11.

To celebrate its Mobile anniversary, the Call of Duty Mobile will be expected to bring Season 11 with big events and new in-game content. In the meantime, there is a number of new leaks and rumours that surfaced online and gives us a suggests what may come next with the 11th season of Call of Duty Mobile.

 Here are the leaks of Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 to come

New night mode, characters, weapons, and moreaccording to COD Mobile official on Reddit, Season 11 will bring new weapons in multiple categories. Season 11 will also bring Halloween content, instead of being Halloween themed COD Mobile season. In terms of size, the Season 11 update will be larger than your usual update.

ODM players could see the reintroduction of Zombies mode, which was removed in Season 4. There will also be new night mode MP and BR Maps, confirmed by the CODM


According to the information, the CODM players could see the reintroduction of Zombies mode, which was removed in Season 4. There will also be new night mode MP and BR Maps


There have also been whispers of the addition of a Night Mode to Multiplayer maps and the developers have confirmed on Reddit that they are working on the same. The new mode should add a new tactical challenge as players won’t have the same level of visibility as compared to the daytime. It should also be noted that we technically did see a night version of at least one of the maps last year. During the Halloween update last October, The Standoff map saw a spooker overhaul with Jack-O-Lanterns and candles, and was set in the night.

New perks are also in work including:

  1. Overkill- Carry two primary weapons instead of a secondary weapon.
  2. Re-stock- Replenish 1 extra Combat Axe. Equipment gets recharged after 20 seconds.
  3. 48 Dredge LMG, Pharo, Skorpion EVO, and Weevil may also make its way to the game later this year.
  4. There’s also a slight possibility of M249 LMG appearing in CODM.

Also, with the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in November, CODM likely to get new playable character including:

  1. Frank Woods from Cold War.
  2. Alex Mason
  3. Grigori Weaver
  4. Dimitri Petrenko
  5. Bruce Harris
  6. and more

Just like weapons, Call of Duty: Mobile has also been on a spree when it comes to new Operator Skills. While there hasn’t been much talk about any new Operator Skills, keen eyed users spotted a new skill in the screenshots of the game on Google Play. The skill shown there is of the Tracker Operator Skill that was a part of the initial beta of the game, but was axed for the final release of the game. Videos show the skill being similar to a mix of the Annihilator and a rifle with bullets automatically tracking targets.

Call of Duty season 11 release date

According to the previous release date, the Call of Duty Season 11 may launch in the first week or by mid-October. Still, there is more information that may appear ahead of its mobile release and we’ll keep you updated with single news related to Call of Duty Mobile.