Call Of Duty Mobile launches its first Mythic weapon Fennec – Ascended, Check how to get it

Call Of Duty Mobile launches its first Mythic weapon CODM Fennec - Ascended, Check how to get it

Call of duty mobile have now added another level of weapon rarity called COD Mythic! Until now, there were five different weapon variants in CODM. The range starts from Common, goes through Uncommon, Rare and Epic, before finally ending at Legendary. Getting a Legendary weapon through the lucky draw can be quite frustrating for players. However, with the introduction of a new rarity, Legendary weapons might become easier to acquire. IS this the best COD gun, let’s find out.

The Akimbo perk comes with Mythic level one allows players to carry two guns during the match. With the unique muzzle flash, reactive camo, and different kill effects, the Fennec – Ascended is going to become instantly popular.

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About COD Mythic weapon Fennec – Ascended

Mythic Fennec – Ascended comes equipped with everything a player might want in an SMG. Those who purchased the Battle Pass already got a taste of the Fennec – Verdant (Epic). While this Epic variant of the Fennec was impressive, the Mythic version is potentially going to be unstoppable.

The Fennec is a close-range weapon designed for picking up quick kills. Players need to be cautious while spraying with it from long-range. one of the finest SMGs in COD Mobile. From the trailer of the incoming Mythic weapon, few notable changes can be deduced. First and foremost, the cosmetic changes added to the gun look absolutely stunning.

For instance, the trailer showed an Orange, Red, and Blue camo variant of Fennec – Ascended. The description in Call Of Duty Mobile arsenal says, “Reactive Camo Dependent on Certain Number Of Kills.” Unlike the NA-45 – Lycanthrope or the M4 – Court Jester, the Fennec – Ascended will be much more challenging to acquire, and will have two different kill effects.

The new Mythic weapon will definitely be expensive. However, the Fennec – Ascended could come with a Mythic pack. The method of purchase will either be crates or lucky draw.

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