Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Call of Duty Mobile introduces new very interesting “Secondary Weapon” game mode

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Fans have been very keen for news of new CODM updates. The COD first Anniversary update continues for Call of Duty Mobile! The game has gone beyond expectations with this update as it keeps on surprising the community. Call Of Duty has come a long way from its launch, with almost 500 Million downloads worldwide, and recently crossing 50 million downloads in China. Call Of Duty introduces new interesting game modes including Secondary Weapon Game Mode.

New COD game modes

  • 11/02 – 11/10 ~ Capture and Hold (MP)
  • 11/02 – 11/10 ~ Secondary School (MP)
  • 11/02 – 11/10 ~ 10v10 Rust Playlist (MP)

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These 3 game modes were the ones that were launched in today’s update. Let’s take a closer look at each.

COD Capture and Hold

There is one flag base for each team. A team has to capture the flag (gold) from the enemy base and return them to the home base to score a point. There are 2 four-minute rounds. The first team to capture and return the flag (gold) 3 times successfully will win around.

If any team couldn’t capture the flag 3 times before the time limit, the team with the most captures will win the round. The team with the most round wins will win the match or the match will end up in a draw based on the results of each round.

COD Secondary school

This game mode is all about your secondary weapons. You are dropped into a normal Call of Duty 5v5 death match, the only difference being that you will have only your secondary weapon. This includes your pistols, knives and ax, and anything else that can be equipped as a secondary weapon. The game mode is good practice and can come in handy in a ranked game when u have run out of ammo on your primary weapon and need to take down the enemy with the secondary weapon.

COD 10v10 Rust Playlist

The Call of Duty 10v10 on this amazing open map rust is a long and exciting game. With a race to 150 kills, you will end up unlocking your kill streaks in this game at one point or the other. It is tricking considering you have to be aware of 10 enemies and can be shot from multiple directions. The game mode is pure joy and also good fun with friends, when you have more the better.

The old game modes of Call Of Duty Mobile had to make space for these new ones

Pumpkin Confirmed Event & Playlist

Halloween Standoff Playlist

Attack of the Undead Playlist

Have all been removed and there was all hell of fun! We hope to play them again next Halloween or maybe even Christmas.

The famous Undead fog is still available for another 3 days so be sure not to miss out on the action

· 10/30 – 11/05 ~ Undead Fog (BR)

· 10/30 – 11/10 ~ Hardcore Collection (MP)

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