Call of Duty Mobile introduces new ‘Undead Fog’ mode, check out

The first Anniversary update continues for Call of Duty Mobile! The game has gone beyond expectations with this update as it keeps…

Call of Duty Mobile introduces new 'Undead Fog' mode, check out

The first Anniversary update continues for Call of Duty Mobile! The game has gone beyond expectations with this update as it keeps on surprising the community. The game has come a long way from its launch, with almost 500 Million downloads world wide, and recently crossing 50 million downloads in China. The COD Mobile game has had its own competitive scene around the world, with only one, The COD Mobile World Championship being organized by the publishers themselves. COD Mobile gave back to the players with a video montage on reddit of players and famous streamers around the world playing CODM, even I-Freg was spotted in this video. The post also included a thanks and further update on the game. CODM has introduced a new game mode called Undead Fog

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Events of the new update.

  • 10/23 – 11/01 ~ Pumpkin Confirmed Event & Playlist (MP)
  • 10/23 – 11/01 ~ Halloween Standoff Playlist (MP)
  • 10/26 – 11/01 ~ Attack of the Undead Playlist (MP)
  • 10/30 – 11/05 ~ Undead Fog (BR)
  • 10/30 – 11/10 ~ Hardcore Collection (MP)
  • 10/30 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 11/02 – 11/10 ~ Capture and Hold (MP)
  • 11/02 – 11/10 ~ Secondary School (MP)
  • 11/02 – 11/10 ~ 10v10 Rust Playlist (MP)

The update is a mixture of map and mode collections representing different styles of gameplay, mechanics, or map/mode focuses. There are a wide variety of playlists and modes to explore as you push through seasonal challenges, featured events, Gunsmith challenges, or anything else you’ve been working on.

CODM Undead Fog is live now

CODM Undead Fog is out now, just in time for Halloween. You will be able to play the mode for one week, as it ends on 5th November. The zombies will be around throughout the whole event length, but the fog itself is an experience only available on Halloween Day (October 31st UTC).

In CODM Undead Fog, the Battle Royale gas should be replaced with an eerie, creeping fog, filled with Zombies. COD Mobile players can also expect some rewards for playing the Undead Fog game mode. It appears the zombies will need to be killed, or possibly avoided to get some “treat-filled mystery boxes”. Undead Fog description reads: “The fog shrouds something sinister in Battle Royale. The undead emerge with some treat filled mystery boxes.”You can check out the latest trailer:

 You can collect special rewards playing this game mode. Battle Royale skins themed to the holiday, but the most unique item to snag is an Epic calling card – Devil’s Horns. Play the COD Mobile Battle Royale, take out zombies, and you’ll find yourself collecting these rewards. watch out for shapes moving throughout the dense fog and make sure to have your sound on in case something unnatural emerges unexpectantly on your flank

Grab before time runs out

The events Pumpkin confirmed and Halloween standoff are about to end on 1st Nov. Make sure to complete that and grab the rewards before it ends on November 1st (UTC). That one is focused entirely around collecting pumpkins (dog tags) and playing on the Halloween Standoff map through that playlist. The main rewards are to snag are:

  • (Epic) Charm – Pumpkin Smile
  • (Rare) Weapon – DL Q33 – Jack O’ Lantern
  • (Rare) Weapon – MSMC – Jack O’ Lantern
  • (Rare) Sticker – Deadlocks

CODM Community weapon

Man-O-War – Cardinal is the weapon the community voted on. This epic weapon blueprint is available for just 10K credits, half of the normal price, but it will only be available in the credit store until 11/10.

Here is the full list for this CODM update:

  • (Uncommon) Parachute – Eagle Feather
  • (Uncommon) Wingsuit – Eagle Feather
  • (Rare) Special Ops 2 – Copilot
  • Battle Royale Class – Smoke Bomber
  • (Epic) Calling Card – Give Wing a Chance
  • (Epic) Man-O-War – Cardinal

We also got a glimpse of Mythic Items of the first Mythic item, which will be identical to a weapon blueprint at the surface level, but this brand-new rarity level is all about badass cosmetics. Nothing about this is meant to alter gameplay balance or make you better competitively, but it is meant to make your item look unique, just like reactive camos or death effects.

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