Call of Duty Mobile can surpass PUBG, says experts

Call of Duty Mobile to finally launch in China, experts says it can surpass PUBG

COD vs PUBG: Call of Duty mobile has become an international sensation after its global launch More than a year after its international launch, Tencent Holdings’ COD Mobile is finally getting its release in China, with nearly 50 million pre-registered users and the endorsement of Chinese King of Pop Jay Chou.

Tencent has recruited the endorsement of popular Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, who has also starred in Hollywood movies such as The Green Hornet and Now You See Me 2.

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Licensed by Activision Blizzard and developed by Tencent, Call of Duty: Mobile was unavailable to the Chinese, it was blocked by the sensor board for its violence and gore they said. The app is now officially available in the world’s biggest gaming market after Tencent removed the blood and gore aspect of the game.

The demand for COD Mobile’s launch in China appears to be enormous. Before the game’s release on Tuesday, close to 50 million users had preregistered, according to the game’s website. Call of Duty: Mobile only secured release approval from the Chinese government in August, given the country’s strict media regulation policies.

Can COD Mobile Surpass PUBG?

COD vs PUBG is the biggest discussion topic for gamers and fans. Call of Duty: Mobile generated close to US$500 million in player spending in its first year, making it the 22nd most profitable mobile game in the world.

In June, Sensor Tower predicted that after its China release the game could surpass Tencent’s own PUBG Mobile to become the world’s biggest mobile title. COD Mobile reached the 250 million downloads milestone faster than PUBG Mobile.

Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at game consultancy Niko Partner, said the game’s China release is likely to be hugely successful. “Tencent’s deep understanding of the Chinese game market paired with its overseas operation of Call of Duty: Mobile for the past year will help the game succeed when it launches in China this year,” he said. “Operating the Call of Duty IP across multiple platforms has allowed Activision to reach a much broader audience and the release of the mobile version has also led to an increase in players and revenue from the console and PC games.”

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