Call of Duty Mobile announces new ‘Knights Divided’ event, Check the launch date

Call of Duty (COD) Mobile New Update: Going Dark, the 12th season of COD Mobile, has brought Captain Price, Hackney Yard, and Night Mode. It was announced that further into the season a new event called ‘Knights Divided’ would arrive. Players are choosing sides between red and blue as the promotional campaign begins, and Call of Duty Mobile fans have tons of content to look forward to.

Knights Divided Event
The Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 Knights Divided Event challenges players to pick a side and fight for territory, rewards, and more in a competitive process. Throughout the event, there are several special weapon sets with bonus modifiers that can help each team define their position in the conflict. The ongoing battle is set to progress throughout the entire season, adding a new bright flare to the darker tone of the season.

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 While playing Knights Divided, players can “earn and equip a special weapon set for a bonus modifier” to further boost their efforts. There are also “special rewards in store for the winning teams and top contributors for either side.”

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When is it coming
The Knights Divided Event will begin at at 4pm Pacific Time/ 7pm Eastern time. That is 12th of November 5:30 am Friday, Indian Standard Time (IST)

Content that will be awarded in Knights Divided has been leaked.

Not much is known about the event outside of the announcement itself. Progress toward the Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass is expected to continue with no changes as fans receive new skins, maps, and challenges.

Leaks show that players can earn colored weapon skins, operator skins, charms and more.

Leaks have also indicated that players will have to select either a Red or Blue award for playing the event. It’s likely that the reward color will correspond to the players’ chosen team.

Call of Duty Mobile has really scene traction in the Indian region mainly due to the ban on PUBG. The game had its one year anniversary which players are really engaged in, they seem to be continuing this trend with more and more events.