Call of Duty: How to get call of duty items for free using redeem codes

Redeem codes provide the players with an opportunity to get exclusive items for free. Not every player wants to spend money on buying in-game currency. These codes are released by COD Mobile on their social media channels like youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get your hands on these and how to use redeem codes in COD Mobile to get free CP, skins, and Premium Pass points.

How to acquire redeem codes

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Developers keep releasing new redeem codes from time to time on their social media accounts, that is youtube, twitter, and Instagram. You can also acquire redeem codes if u play the beta version of Black Ops 2. From time to time devs come up with new ways of giving out redeem codes. The only difficult bit is to avoid and be safe from fake websites claiming to hand out Redeem Codes for CODM. Don’t be fooled, only CODM developers can hand out redeem codes.

How to get free items using redeem codes

Once u have the redeem code then it’s pretty easy going there on. There are 2 ways you can use the redeem codes one using the COD Redeem website another one is in-game.

Method 1

Visit the Redemption Center on the official Call of Duty website.

Enter the redeem code and other information like the User ID (UID) and verification code and hit submit.

The rewards will be sent to your mailbox in COD Mobile.

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Method 2

Open COD Mobile and open the events option, slide to the right till you reach the redemption center.

Click on the redemption center and enter your code and then click redeem. You will get free in-game items that were redeemed by the code you just used.