Call of Duty: Activision reveals new prestige system in COD Black Ops Cold War

Activision has revealed a new prestige system in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Lets see the inner workings of the Black Ops – Cold War prestige system. There are some significant adjustments to how we prestige in Cold War, compared to previous games. One of the main highlights of the new system is how seamlessly it will integrate with both Warzone and Modern Warfare,players can jump into the latest Black Ops experience.


Black Ops Cold War Prestige System Revealed
The Black Ops Cold War prestige system has finally been revealed, and it is a lot more interesting than we expected. To get something out of the way, first and foremost, there will be a prestige system in this game. It is already in place for those players who like the grind.

This may seem odd to those who know that this latest game in the Call of Duty franchise will follow largely in Modern Warfare’s footsteps before it comes to progression as we already heard about, having multiple seasons that not only connect with Call of Duty Warzone but Modern Warfare to an extent as well.
In this way, it became confusing when trying to figure out how the prestige system would work in Black Ops Cold War since there is an implication that you will see your level reset every single season, which happens every few months. But now we know the true details about the Black Ops Cold War prestige system, courtesy of a recent blog post. It looks like the system will remain in this title but have a drastic overhaul, unlike anything else we have seen before in the franchise.

How the New Seasonal Progression System Works?
The Black Ops Cold War prestige system is officially known as seasonal prestige and will be a unique take on reaching the max level in the game and then resetting your level back to square one. This has been a proud achievement and goal in past Call of Duty games. It remains but in a significantly different way.

For starters, before we can get too deep into the season prestige system, it is worth noting how your levels will begin when you hop into the new Black Ops game for the first time. From day one, you will begin in the initial 55 levels of the game known as the military ranks.

These are the base 55 levels in the game and encompass most of the unlocks like guns, equipment, perks, etc. If you want to customize your create-a-class to the fullest, you will want to reach the max level to have everything available to you. Like with Modern Warfare, there is a seasonal leveling system that will begin after you reach the max military rank of 55. These levels will change from season to season and include the new seasonal prestige system and it. Once you reach level 55 in the base game, the next level you get will be seasonal level one. This is where the seasonal levels will begin. You have a limited time to complete these before the season is over. However, the base 55 levels remain the same no matter what.

Reaching level one in the season means that you are prestiging right then as you would in past games, starting over back at square one. But because your military ranks remain the same throughout the seasons, you will never lose any of the items or guns that you have unlocked. Level one in the season is the first prestige that you will do. It is available right now, even though Season 1 isn’t set to begin until about a month from now. There are three prestiges that you can reach between now and Season 1 if you work hard enough. The second prestige will happen at level 50 in the season and give you a nice little weapon blueprint at the same time. The third and final prestige at launch will happen at season level 100. When Season 1 rolls around, your level will reset, and the normal seasonal prestige will begin.

There will be four prestiges possible in each season, beginning with the first at level 50 and a new blueprint, the second at level 100, third at 150, and the fourth and final at level 200. What is odd is that your prestige level will reset, but Treyarch notes that your progress will resume from the previous season. It is a confusing way of handling that implies that if you reach the second prestige in Season 1, you will start from there in Season 2 but it is hard to say for now. But it doesn’t end there as reaching the seasonal level of 200 doesn’t end the story. You will get the special prestige master rank then and continue throughout that season to level 1000.

Rewards and Challenges
There will be plenty of rewards with this new prestige system that gives players an incentive. Every time you prestige, you will get a key, and then you can use your keys at the prestige shop to buy legacy prestige icons from past games.

Even after level 200, players will still get milestone rewards every 50 prestige levels. There will also be seasonal challenges that you can do for new calling cards in both multiplayer and Zombies. Your level in the new seasonal prestige system will remain the same across Warzone and Modern Warfare, so you can earn levels no matter which game you are on.

Of course, we want to put a caveat here and remind players to be very mindful when grinding levels. One thousand levels is an insane number to reach in a few months per season, so we would like to caution players to please grind in moderation and not overdo it.

The new prestige system is a strange one, definitely trying to put a prestige skin on the Modern Warfare way of having seasonal ranks. It remains to be seen how the community will receive this new system but, regardless, it looks like this could be the general progression idea moving forward for most Call of Duty games given the permanence of seasons.