Burman dismisses arrest issue as Ness’ personal problem

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Kings XI Punjab majority stakeholder Mohit Burman has dismissed any threat to the Kings XI Punjab from co-owner Ness Wadia‘s arrest and suspended jail sentence in Japan.

While ruling out any possibility to of change in the KXIP ownership structure, Burman has said that Wadia’s person matter will not affect Kings XI Punjab.

The BCCI Committee of Administrators has sought a written explanation from Kings XI Punjab over Ness getting a two-year jail term in Japan, which has been suspended for five years, on the charges of carrying cannabis. The IPL franchisee will submit a reply. “Yes, we will reply, but these are two different things. There is no question of discussing the ownership pattern at the moment. What he does in his personal life has nothing to do with Kings XI. It didn’t happen during the course of the IPL and didn’t even happen in this country, so it is his personal problem.

“As far as we are concerned, we will obviously reply to the BCCI. But as far as my thinking as a co-owner goes, I feel what a director does in his personal capacity has got nothing to do with the team. What he did two months before the IPL in his personal capacity is of no concern to me or Kings XI,” Burman has clarified to news agency IANS.

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As per the IPL Operational Rules accessed by IANS, Clause 14 of Section 2 of the IPL Operational Rules state that “each person subject to the operational rules shall not, whether during a match or otherwise, act or omit to act in any way which would or might reasonably be anticipated to have an adverse effect on the image and/or reputation of any Team, any Franchisee, any Player, any Team Official, the BCCI, the League and/or the Game or which would otherwise bring any of the foregoing into disrepute.”

It further states that the ombudsman and the commission may suspend a team or franchisee from the league if any person representing the team/franchise breaches Clause 14 of Section 2.

A Japanese court on April 30 sentenced Wadia to two years in jail for possession of 25 gm cannabis resin. However, the court suspended the sentence for five years, which means that it won’t be implemented unless he breaks the law again in Japan.

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