Bundesliga announces record ₹ 3,200 crores revenue for 2016-17

Bundesliga announces record ₹ 3,200 crores revenue for 2016-17 - InsideSport

The German Football League (DFL) organisers have announced a record turnover equivalent to ₹ 3,200 crores (€4.01bn, $5bn) for the 2016/17 season from the top-flight league Bundesliga and second division 2.Bundesliga.

DFL has surpassed $5.2 billion (€4 billion) revenue barrier for the first time, generating 4.2% higher revenues than the 2015/16 season.

For the Bundesliga alone, DFL Managing Director Christian Seifert presented a total turnover of $ 4.23 billion (€3.37 billion) at the presentation of the “DFL Report 2018” – an increase of around 4%compared to 2015/16 $4.04 billion (€3.24 billion) and a tripling compared to 2003/04 $1.37 billion (€1.09 billion).

A total 14 of the 18 Bundesliga clubs generated sales of more than $ 125.48 million (€100 million). Also the 18 clubs of the 2. Bundesliga increased their total turnover again. After $763.28 million (€608.3 million) in the 2015/16 season, the new record for 2016/17 was $797.4 million (€635.2 million), an increase of 4.4%.

With an equity of $ 1.64 billion (€1.31 billion), the Bundesliga clubs came to a new record, which compared to the result only three years earlier, an increase of 60%. Once again, 34 of the 36 clubs based on EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) were in positive territory. 16 of the 18 Bundesliga clubs generated – like in 2015/16 – a profit after taxes, which was with a total of $ $188.2 million (€150 million), although below the record result of 2015/16 (€206 million), but significantly higher than in 2013/14 and 2014/15.

Again at more than $1.25 billion (one billion euros) were the taxes and fees of the 36 clubs and corporations. With the record amount of $ 1.47 billion (1.17 billion euros) in the 2016/17 season increased the payments of professional football to the state and the social and accident insurance in the last ten years since 2007/08 to a total of $10.75 billion (8.57 billion euros).

In 2016/17, the number of direct or commissioned professionals in professional football increased again to 54,275 such jobs. For the first time, more than 20,000 employees worked for the 36 clubs themselves and their subsidiaries for the first time.

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