Bring in the new year with new adventure sports

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If you’re done with bungee-jumping and parasailing, give the swoop swing a shot and be swung like a pendulum after free-falling from a height of 100 ft.

Lonavala-based Della Adventure is home to India’s only Swoop Swing.

“Unlike in bungee jumping, your whole body except the hands is bound in a harness, which limits movement and therefore enhances the thrill,” says Della marketing executive Rohan Sawant.

There’s more. The swoop swing is self-controlled, meaning you release the ripcord that sends you plummeting down, then prepare to be swung wildly five or six times, just a metre or so above the ground.

A ride on the swoop swing is available for Rs 1,000 if you have a Della Day Pass (which costs Rs 1,750). For details, go to