Beware of Fake FAU-G game on your mobile, here’s how to check it

As soon as the PUBG Mobile game was banned in India, we learned that a native Battle-Royal game called “Fau-G” (Fearless and United Guards) would be available soon. It is not unknown that an Indian entertainment company called nCore Games, under the initiative of actor Akshay Kumar, is developing this game.

Google Play Store is littered with apps that maybe use the same acronym/sound similar to FAU-G or use the game logo has FAU-G for the image. Many also Claim to be a guide for the game.

Some apps use a mix of these, but the point remains the same. FAU-G has not been released yet. In fact, the developers of the game, n-Core Games, released the first teaser only a couple of days ago and it is scheduled to release sometime in November.

The CEO of GOQii, Vishal Gondal, took to Twitter to Inform Google about the fake guides and games that have been published on Play Store.

Vishal had requested Google to implement their policies as soon as possible for the removal of these apps. The Mobile Indian also advised users to not fall for these scams and report them to Google wherever you spot one. But there has been no change. Everyday a new FAU-G app pops up which receives thousands of downloads.

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Google, according to its new Google Play policy, has so far removed hundreds of bogus applications from its App Store. But while apps like Paytm and Zomato are not exempt from Google Play policy, questions are being raised about how these fake game apps are in the Play Store. At worst, the ‘game’ might end up being malware and could potentially steal your information. As a result, you are better off being a little patient and waiting for the official game.

As mentioned earlier, n-Core Games dropped the first teaser for FAU-G a few days back. It seems to be pre-rendered, so it can be difficult to ascertain actual gameplay elements. But it suggests a focus on the Galwan Valley clashes that happened between India and China. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be anyone using firearms in the game. Instead, there seems to be a focus on melee-based combat with soldiers resorting to clubs and hand-to-hand combat. There also seems to be a focus on team-based action as towards the end we see five soldiers standing together. Not quite sure if FAU-G will allow for cooperative or competitive multiplayer.