Beware! League of Legends Worlds Finals’ Tickets are being resold illegally

League of Legends Worlds Finals' Tickets are being resold illegally

The League of Legends Worlds finals lucky draw live event tickets are being resold illegally. Riot are prepared with verification techniques to counter them. More than 3 million people registered for the LOL World Championship , for just a mere 6,312 free tickets. The Grand Final event is scheduled for 31st October. The live audience plan is planned to be carried out with strict verification and safety procedures.

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With it being such a hotly contested competition, adding to the fact that every other major esports event this year was candled, it’s no surprise everyone wants to attend the Shanghai finals. The random draw saw those lucky few nab a ticket, but for those who missed out, they’re still trying to get through the doors so much that the LOL Worlds Finals sold-out tickets are currently going for thousands on resale sites.

Riot’s structure to apply for the LOL Worlds Finals tickets was required proving that you have a Chinese phone number, a League of Legends account over level 30, and a deposit.

Riot’s strict verification methods for the lucky people who were chosen was that they have just 24 hours to redeem their tickets. The tickets will then require facial recognition, and will not be physically sent out to the recipients, with Riot Games relying on a guest list instead.

Unfortunately even after all this, some touters or resellers are using this to their advantage and charging whatever they want for the free ticket they have won through the raffle.


Shanghai police are investigating the illegal sales of these tickets. While these people are charging through the roof for tickets, buyers might be spending all that money on a worthless ticket. Riot has promised to take on resales by asking all attendees to bring identification and use facial recognition scanners. Sixth Tone claimed Shanghai authorities are also investigating cases of ticket being sold in black.

The publication told The Loadout how resale values were being based on listings found online, with the highest being 30,000 yuan (around $4,462). With such stringent security measures in place, spending $4k to stand outside the League of Legends Worlds Finals is what people who are buying these tickets will have to face.

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