Beware Cheaters! PUBG Mobile bans 1 million cheaters

Beware Cheaters! PUBG Mobile bans 1 million cheaters

PUBG hackers have been using a lot of cheat codes from a long time and PUBG anti-cheating team has been very srtict from past one month. PUBG Mobile has revealed that over 1 Million accounts have been banned from the game for cheating. The news was delivered via a tweet from the PUBG Mobile account, which revealed that between October 16th-22nd, the PUBG Mobile team banned 1,124,746 accounts.

PUBG Mobile the massively popular game across the world, especially in Asia. The game was banned in India where mobile gaming is a significantly larger than its PC counterpart, but banning over 1 million accounts in a week seems incredible.

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Ranked accounts banned

There has been a decrease in hackers in the lower ranks this week as the gold, silver and bronze have all less then 15% cheaters banned. Mean while Dimond cheaters were the most banned this week at a high 22% of the players in the rank were using hacks to cheat. The highest level of PUBG also faces hackers, this is definitely frustrating for players, coming across hackers on a T1 level would be.

Type of Cheats

In this weeks banned cheats Unsurprisingly the most common cheat used in PUBG mobile relate to being able to see enemies and auto-aiming at them. The announcement post for the bans revealed that 32% of cheaters were banned for x-ray vision cheats and 29% were banned for auto-aim cheats.

Both of these types of cheats will obviously offer a massive advantage, but they can at times be hard to spot. Someone with x-ray vision could have heard you moving and know where you are, or figured out your location in another way. And someone with auto-aim could just have incredible reactions and skill. Sometimes they can be obvious to spot, but a lot of the time it isn’t totally clear, which perhaps suggests why they are the most popular types of cheats.

The other common type of cheat was a speed cheat, which increases the speed of your character. This is pretty useful when the circle is closing in, and of course, makes you a lot harder to shoot, but speed cheats are pretty difficult to hide, so you can expect to be reported by more players.17% of cheaters were banned for this.

As the cheating continues PUBG Mobile continues to take action. Hopefully, these anti-cheat improvements will reduce the number of cheaters in the game, which has been a big problem for quite a while in PUBG Mobile

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