BCCI annoyed with ICC’s constant delay for T20 WC decision, says IPL preparations will continue 

The Board of Control for Cricket in India is fed up of waiting for the International Cricket Council to decide on the ICC T20 World Cup 2020 and has decided to start planning for the year ahead.

A report in Times of India said the board is drawing up a tentative window for the Indian Premier League 2020, irrespective of ICC’s decision on the T20 World Cup.

Treasurer Arun Dhumal confirmed that the time has come for BCCI to start planning for the year ahead.

“The year started on a horrible note and theres been no relief on any front. But as time goes by, we need to take things head on and ensure that we remain prepared for any eventuality. Cricket is no different. It is time for the BCCI to start planning for the year ahead,” Dhumal told Times of India.

Giving examples of other sports that are resuming gradually around the world, Dhumal said BCCI is making plans for resumption from September.

“The NBA is beginning in the US in a protected zone. The English Premier League (EPL) is on and so are the FA Cup matches. Bundesliga was the first to show the way.

Even Australias domestic rugby league is about to begin. This is what is happening right now. What BCCI is talking about is making plans, even if at the contingency levels, for September onwards,” he said.

Dhumal hinted that BCCI could prioritise IPL over international cricket saying it’s easier to host domestic leagues.

“So, what are we witnessing here? Domestic leagues are in focus while the Olympics and the World Cups are taking a backseat. That’s because local leagues dont depend on too many external factors to get going. Revenues are more localised; gate receipts arent such a huge concern and local leagues can be trimmed and planned to suit particular windows. They’re also television friendly because they can be adjusted to primarily suit local prime time,” he said.

“Those announcements and outcomes are not in our hands. The T20 World Cup, for instance, is being postponed so let the announcement come when it has to.”

The IPL 2020 was supposed to begin in March this year but has been suspended indefinitely. The ICC is yet to decide on the T20 World Cup, which is currently scheduled for October-November in Australia. A postponement of the T20 World Cup will give BCCI a window to host the IPL.