Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India: 5 things you must know about Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Pubg Mobile India: 5 things you must know about Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Pubg Mobile India: 5 things you must know about Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India: 5 things you must know about Battlegrounds Mobile India. The last few days have been a rollercoaster with major leaks & updates dropping every now & then. PUBG Mobile fans were eagerly waiting for the nuke to drop anytime now. And just like that, it all came true. After an insufferable wait of six months, we finally have some major official progress. To everyone’s surprise, the game rebranded itself under a new banner named “Battlegrounds Mobile India” & has begun the process of a re-release in the nation. Read this article to know major updates & changes that are coming in the game that separates it from the global version.

  1. Release Date & New Logo Reveal

According to PUBG top gamers, the fan-favorite battle royale game is expected to be available anytime soon. Some members of the community have reported that the game will be available in the month of June. However, there has been no official announcement by Krafton yet. Although a trailer has dropped today the reveals the Official New Logo of the game.

  1. Pre-registration

It is confirmed that the game is to have Pre-Registration before its launch which will be limited to Indian regions only. The Pre-Registration link will be available on their official website once it goes live. Simultaneously, if everything goes according to plans, the game can be Pre-Registered from Play Store & Apple Store as well. It is expected that the Pre-Registration will begin between mid-may & the start of June.

  1. India Exclusive Content

Fans of the game are quite excited to experience the ‘desi’ reincarnation of their favourite battle royale game. Much like the Chinese Version of the game, “Game for Peace”, which is known for featuring exclusive Chinese content, Battlegrounds Mobile India will reportedly feature some Indian in-game theme just like it previously showcased on its teasers & posters. While the content itself is not yet confirmed, it can be said Krafton will maintain its India Centric approach that will reflect “local needs”, making the game more relatable to Indian players.

Indian Theme - Battlegrounds Mobile India
Indian Theme – Battlegrounds Mobile India
  1. Gameplay Changes & New Policies: Battlegrounds Mobile India

Reportedly, one of the major reasons behind the ban imposed by MEITY is the game being too addictive & violent for young minds. Now, for Battlegrounds Mobile India, PUBG won’t repeat the narrative. There will be significant in-game changes implemented in the game like Green Hit effects instead of the default Blood Red one. Further changes include more clothing on the characters to evade any accusation of mild nudity in-game. Moreover, as termed by the officials, players under 18 years will have to provide guardians phone no. to access the game while their daily gameplay quota will be limited to 3 hours per day. Additionally, their in-game purchases will be limited to Rs 7000 in a day.

  1. Esports: Battlegrounds Mobile India

As the global version of the game is still acquired by the Chinese Gaming giant “Tencent”, players are restricted from playing the game or take part in any Global Esports tournament. As a result, now the Indian version will feature its own Esports Eco System which will be limited to this country only. Similar to the format that Game for Peace, the Chinese version of the game has, Battlegrounds Mobile India will have an entirely separate Esports Section. Following, the game’s release in India, gamers are positive that its Esports Roadmap will be announced soon as well.

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