Badminton princess Sindhu is also Miss India of brand world


Much before her one achievement fades into oblivion, she emerges with another recognition. With a certain consistency. There is a pattern in her success graphs, on and off the court. That makes this Badminton Princess of India also Miss India of brand world. For two successive weeks she shakes the brand world with mega endorsement deals – biggest ever for any female brand icon in India. Next week she returns to shatter the myths of detraction. To prove that she is the best, consistently improving at what determines her brand values.

This is PV Sindhu for you. The 21-year-old sporting icon on March 20, 2017, becomes the first ever face in India for Pepsico energy drink brand Gatorade. On March 27, she associates with Panasonic Electronics India, becoming company’s brand ambassador for three years. There are promotional events, media presentations. But no compromises with what makes Sindhu the best bet for biz world. The 6’1’’ Hydarabad girl on April 2 proves to the world that big endorsement deals are only an incentive for her. No detraction. She beats the Rio Olympic gold medallist Carolina Marin with clinical precision on the court. The rematch of the Olympics final and revenge victory make two crucial statements about Sindhu.  First, Sindhu the player. She is not the one to rest on laurels, she is not the one to be detracted. Second, Sindhu the brand. The graph of this brand is bound to go up, there is more return to each penny spent, name Sindhu is getting bigger by the day.

On court, she has done and dusted the current Olympic champion Marin, she has prevailed over India’s badminton queen Saina Nehwal. Beyond court, she has made it to the endorsement club of the likes of fastest ever human being Usain Bolt, soccer star Lionel Messi and greatest tennis ace Serena Williams. In domestic market, her Rs 50 core brand value beats the collective brand purse of Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza and country’s second medallist from Rio Sakshi Malik.

In a country obsessed with cricket and cinema, Sindhu is giving cricketers run for their money. Only captain Virat Kolhi and former captain MS Dhoni are faring better than her on commercial value charts.  Among female endorsement brands, Sindhu stands ahead of her rivals from sports and cine world. According to a CNBC report, published after her signing with Gatordae, Sindhu is getting Rs 1.25 crore a day.

Post Olympics she has been flooded with offers. She already has brands such as Myntra, Ojasvita, Himalaya Honey, Bank of Baroda and Yonex in her kitty. By the end of 2016, she had signed six brand endorsement deals to the tune of Rs7.5 crore by the end of year 2016, according to Group M report for 2016. She possesses all traits of a successful brand icon – young, consistent, energetic and driven.

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There is less oxygen at the top, survival needs extra effort – this natural phenomenon applies to all walks of life too. Challenges all leaders, who move closer to the pinnacle. Sindhu has progress to the top has adaptability and consistency. The Hyderabad girls will progress from No. 6 to in the first week of year 2017 to the second position in the BWF rankings post her triumph over Marin. This was the period when she was also challenged the most by her professional occupation. As she reaches the top spot, which given her current form and commitment doesn’t appear far, values of endorsements are bound to change, further escalating her career revenue graphs.

Sindhu’s success in commercial space becomes bigger in the light of the fact that the game she plays doesn’t find space among top five sellable sports in India. According to Group M  2016 sports revenue report, cricket, soccer, marathon, tennis and kabaddi top the ad revenue charts in India. On social media, too, the sport is faring worst. The Indian league data puts badminton in bad light. Even International Premier Tennis League fared four times better than badminton on facebook. On tweeter, PBL is seldom discussed. This makes Sidhu bigger than the sport she plays.

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Sindhu stands for achievement, empowerment, fitness and health. The latest India Open title triumph is set to further glorify these inherent traits of Sindhu. This rising star also gives brands a strong confidence of success and longevity. Like her game, the market is going to grow. There seems little competition on the court. She has reached the best phase a sportsperson aspires for – to compete against oneself. She will be challenging her own limits every time she gets down to court – for practice or competition. With ever rising demand, her brand value too is bound to grow. When there are no other options left for the market, it’s the product that decides its own value. Virat Kohli has proved that. Sindhu’s success graph and commitment is leading her into that direction.