Apex Legends Season 8 new character ‘Fuse’; Everything you need to know about him

Apex Legends Season 8 new character 'Fuse'; Everything you need to know about him

Apex Legends Season 8 new character ‘Fuse’; Everything you need to know about him: Apex Legends’ next season is just a few days away, and a new Legend Fuse, an explosives expert from Salvo is getting ready to join the new season. His past experiences are brutal, and has worked as a gunman, a maestro of the Salvonian underground fighting pit, and is only going to get more in this season.

A lot hasn’t been revealed about Fuse for now, but Apex Legends’ trailer of the new season revealed a little about his backstory, his home planet, and a little about is brutal past.

The Backstory

Fuse’s backstory kicked off from the Stories From the Outlands with Fuse and his childhood friend Mags stumbling into a golden grenade that initially belonged to the Salvonian freedom fighters. Mags called the rebels “real Salvo badasses” who “fought for our freedom” against the Syndicate, making her political stance really clear.

Fuse and Mags eventually became involved a lot with bad stuff when they grew up– engaging armed soldiers, defusing a bomb, an attempt to steal a championship belt that was rigged with an alarm. Their friendship came with a hint of rivalry, as they seem to one-up one another, and pass on the golden grenade.

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Fuse took the decision to join Bonecage, Salvo’s take on the Thunderdome and paved his way to becoming the champion. An opportunities came his way when the Salvonian warlord decided to join the Syndicate, much to Mags’ dismay.

Mags confronted Fuse and after some discussion, she threw the grenade at her—without the pin. In the blast, the wrath was unleashed on his right hand and he walked away, with a ticket to the Apex Games.

Fuse’s Abilities

Promotional art of the new season shows Fuse firing mortar shells that look a lot like the firebombs in the teaser. The mortar launcher is likely to be his ult— exactly how Rampart uses Sheila in the Games.

It is the first time that the developers of the game have shown a Legend’s ult like this in the Apex Games: the build-up to the current season showed a glimpse of Horizon’s tactical, the gravity lifts.

Fuse is going to unleash the Mayhem to Apex Legends on February 2 when season eight officially launches.