All 4 confirmed matches for the tonight’s WWE Smackdown episode; all you need to know – 23rd October 2020

WWE SmackDown: Roman Reigns will reveal the consequences of highest stakes for Sunday’s match, Sasha Banks and Bayley once again ready for contract signing, Lars Sullivan to face new opponent, Sami Zayn to clash against Heavy Machinery and many more jaw-dropping segments will take place this Friday Night on SmackDown Live.

It is a go-home episode of SmackDown ahead of WWE Hell in a Cell that will take place this Sunday. However, this week’s SmackDown will also air from on FS1 just for night due to World Series telecast.

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Without wasting further any time let us check out the preview and predictions for this week’s SmackDown Live.

#. Sami Zayn vs Otis Will Get Confirmed For Hell In A Cell

On the latest episode of Smackdown, there was a backstage segment between Sami Zayn and Otis. After Sami talked some trash to him, Otis ended up pushing him to the ground.

This seemed like a strong tease that we will be getting Otis vs Sami at Hell in a Cell for the Intercontinental Championship.

My guess is that WWE will make that match official on the next episode of Smackdown.

#. Sasha Banks Will Attack Bayley & Force Her To Sign The HIAC Contract

On the latest episode of Smackdown, Bayley did not end up signing the contract for her Hell in a Cell match against Sasha Banks. Technically, that means the match isn’t official yet for the PPV.

My guess is that Sasha is going to take matters into her own hands on this next episode. I could see her attacking Bayley and forcing her to sign the contract.

This could be a good way to build towards their match.

#. Roman Reigns to deliver his final Message

The long-standing family rivalry between Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Jey Uso was only intensified when Uso refused to acknowledge his cousin as The Tribal Chief.

And now, following a vicious altercation between them last week on the season premiere of SmackDown, The Big Dog will reveal the consequences for what he’s promised will be the highest stakes in WWE history.

What will Reigns have to say before their Universal Championship Hell in a Cell “I Quit” Match this Sunday on the award-winning WWE Network? Will his reveal bring Uso closer to bending the knee to his Tribal Chief?

#. Lars Sullivan Will Defeat Kalisto

Lars Sullivan defeated Jeff Hardy on the latest episode of Smackdown. With Jeff now on RAW, Lars is going to need a new victim.

I am going to guess that Lars will face off against Kalisto on this next episode. This was teased on the last episode, where Lars tossed Kalisto into the barricade.

If this match happens, Lars will definitely win. They are clearly building up Lars to be Smackdown’s new monster and he isn’t going to be losing anytime soon.