Agents fee for international football transfers breaches record $653 mn

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The intermediaries in international football player transfer and trading have earned $653.9 million (₹ 470 crore approx.) during the transfers completed in 2019. The details are revealed by FIFA, the world governing body for football, in its “Intermediaries in International Transfers 2019” report, which offers a summary of the involvement of intermediaries in international transfers completed in FIFA‘s International Transfer Matching System (ITMS) during 2019.

Total spending on commissions paid to intermediaries on more than 17,000 transfers completed so far this year has been up to $ 653.9 million (₹ 470 crore approx.). The numbers are 19.3% more than ₹ 548.4 million intermediaries’ bill last year.

Clubs from Italy, England, Germany, Portugal, Spain and France collectively have accounted for 0ver 80% of all the intermediary commissions worldwide. Italy alone accounted for 40.5% of the total commissions paid.

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Here are the top ten nations in terms of intermediaries’ gross commissions The figures in brackets denote number of transfers and the nations percentile share in global contribution: 1. Italy (151, 40.5%); 2. England (252, 36.4%); 3. Wales (34, 29.1%); 4. Japan (38, 24.8%); 5. Germany (115, 23.7%); 6. Denmark (41, 22.4%); 7. Sweden (48, 19.7%); 8. Scotland (44, 17.3%), 9. Portugal (103, 15.9%); and 10. Poland (39, 15.6%). The list includes the top 10 nations with a minimum of 20 transfers.

In 2019, Portuguese clubs have so far spent almost half as much on intermediary commissions as on transfer fees.

Of the $ 653.9 million commissions this year, 65% is paid by the receiving clubs and 35% by the releasing clubs. The intermediaries total market over the past seven years has grown by close to 175% –  from $241.2 mn in 2014 to $653.9 mn now.

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A total of 242 international transfers of female professional players completed since 1 January have involved at least one intermediary. Compared to 2018, involvement of club intermediaries has more than doubled and spending on intermediary commissions more than tripled.

Intermediaries representing players were involved in 209 of the total 828 international transfers. This corresponds to 25.2%, ten percent higher than the equivalent figure in men‘s football.

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The report also includes data about average and median intermediary commissions, detailed information at confederation and member association level, and historical comparisons with past years.

The data published in this report has been extracted from ITMS, which is used by all 211 FIFA member associations and over 7,500 professional football clubs around the globe for the international transfer of professional football players.

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