After PUBG, Call of Duty also takes strict action against cheaters, bans 20,000 accounts

Activision to ban COD cheaters

Large number of Cheaters back in Call Of Duty WarZone, Activision takes action.    Cheaters and hackers have been one of the great problems of COD Warzone for months now , this is not a mystery. Several COD Warzone players, including FaZe Pamaj, Call of Duty League Analyst Joe “MerK” DeLuca, and YouTuber Symfuhny, have been discussing the return of hackers to the game. Many stated that the game was fun to return to, but the resurgence has made playing Call of Duty: Warzone rough.

While no one is sure exactly why there is an increase in COD cheaters, some fans believe that previously shut down websites may be back in business despite Activision’s efforts.

Activision has introduced new features to stem the advance of players who make up in the title, using the famous cheating system known as Engine Owning which is a subscription-based cheating software.

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The developers have been frequently handing out manual bans. Earlier this year, Infinity Ward announced that they had banned 70,000 cheaters worldwide. In another such wave of bans, Vice reports that developers banned around 20,000 players after they detected Engine Owning cheat software.

Engine Owning even admitted on their website that Activision has detected their cheat and would ban all the 20,000 players that were using the software.

A few days ago, just in the course of this week, Engine Owning updated its codes : everyone believed that it was now again easy to get back to Call of Duty: Warzone and to massacre opponents easily. Instead they found a nasty surprise: the cheaters all ended up banned

A person who identifies himself as a Staff Member and Moderator of the popular Engine Owning cheat said in a message posted in the cheat’s forum: “I’ve been banned too, and a lot of people. Seems that the cheat got detected again.”

“just a heads up, i ran [Engine Owning] for 1 day after it was allowed to be used again. After 1 day of using [Engine Owning], once the update happened, my account is now perma banned,” warned a customer on the same day.

Millions of people all over the world play Warzone, a free to play first-person shooter that allows gamers using any platform—PC, PS4, Xbox—to play against each other. Because it’s free to play, cheaters have the advantage that they can just cycle through accounts when they get banned.

Activision seem to have found the right way to target the dishonest: we hope that this path will continue. For once, the developers weren’t caught unprepared.

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