After Logan Paul confirms Nina Agdal ringside; Dillon Danis eyes front row with her exes

Recently, Logan Paul announced that Nina Agdal will be at ringside at the upcoming match vs Dillon Danis. Now Danis responded by stating his intention to fill the front row with her exes.

After Logan Paul confirms Nina Agdal ringside; Dillon Danis eyes front row with her exes
After Logan Paul confirms Nina Agdal ringside; Dillon Danis eyes front row with her exes

Fans are abuzz for a special boxing spectacle, not featuring high profile boxers but it has generated the talk to be labeled as fight of the year. Dillon Danis and Logan Paul are gearing up for a heated bout that’s turned heads with its intense buildup and fiery exchanges. The hype has been constant since the match announcement, occasionally crossing boundaries. In the midst of it all, Paul confirmed Nina Agdal’s attendance, prompting Danis to set sights on filling the front row with her exes.

Just After Logan Paul Confirms Nina Agdal Attendance For The Event- Dillon Danis Aims to Fill Front Row with Her Exes

On October 14th, on the KSI vs Tommy Fury card, the excitement surrounding Danis and Paul’s match reached a level comparable to major boxing spectacles, making it event of the year. Meanwhile, during a recent interview with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, Paul addressed numerous questions, covering everything from drug testing to various event specifics.

Similarly, WWE Superstar mentioned that his fiancé will be in attendance at ringside for his upcoming match against Danis. He clarified this despite the legal situation involving a restraining order against Danis. Logan clarified it’s not a physical restraining order, allowing her to be present at the event.

Following the news hitting the internet, predictably, Danis responded with a notorious comment and retaliated by stating his intent to fill the front row with Agdal’s ex-partners.

On X he wrote, “I’m working on getting front row tickets for all of Nina’s exes, but I can’t; they’d fill the whole arena.” Danis continued his pattern of taking shots at Agdal and Paul, using the same approach he’s employed for quite some time. 

He has consistently posted about Agdal, showcasing pictures with several notable figures and making statements that often go beyond acceptable boundaries. Once again, he made derogatory comments, expressing his intention to populate the front row with Agdal’s former partners, mockingly said the list is so big it could fill the entire arena.

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Absolutely, it’s going to be intriguing to see how Paul chooses to respond, especially considering he has engaged with such comments on social media. However, given Danis’ take things to a personal level, Paul might opt to address this in the boxing ring instead. Regardless of the approach, fans are eagerly excited to witness this showdown and see how it all unfolds under the spotlight.

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