Adda52 launches new campaign with Chris Gayle

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Poker site has launched its second brand campaign with brand ambassador Chris Gayle. This new brand campaign comprises two advertisements which are developed in continuation to the brand thought #BanaoDimaagKoAmeer. The campaign is live on digital and OOH platforms.

In the campaign, Chris Gayle plays the role of the brand’s voice to deliver the campaign’s message. In both the ads, the protagonist is shown as a regular poker player who achieves glories in life because of the skill set he develops by playing poker on While the story is narrated, Chris Gayle enters and takes the message forward saying, “research says intelligent guys are better at everything”.

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This marketing campaign addresses the very fact that poker is a lot more than the limiting perception people carry. Speaking on the launch of the company’s second brand campaign, Naveen Goyal, CEO,, said, “Poker has always been considered as an opportunity for winning prizes, but as a market leader in the online poker category, wants to spread awareness about the game and take forward its brand thought #BanaoDimaagKoAmeer. Through the two videos, we want to highlight that poker is not just a game but a value addition to one’s life. It is a game of skill that is played with real people on our platform. Poker is a game which stimulates the mind, helps one take quick decisions and pushes one to be calm and patient to perform well in the game. These aspects also get reflected in their life; thus, the game is indirectly improving one’s life skills. With 2 million+ registered users, we want to continue to claim the market leader position of being the largest in the country.”

Each of the adverts focuses on the bigger picture of the game being much more than just an avenue of gaining prize money and how this mind sport is an important asset in gaining aptitude and intelligence. With #BanaoDimaagkoAmeer, wants to connect with people from all walks of life and make them aware of the potential poker player in them. The campaign is targeted towards the new users who can play with practice chips for free and win real cash in lakhs.

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