A noble Star India gesture: The best Diwali gift of my life!

Diwali gifts – solicited or unsolicited – and greetings for an editorial head in a news publication is a routine. You wait…

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Diwali gifts – solicited or unsolicited – and greetings for an editorial head in a news publication is a routine. You wait for some and you wish to avoid some. Then, there are some surprise packets and packages. All part of an avoidable practice that has become an integral part of the corporate world.

There are some which become your prized possession, some routine ones and some others for which you readily make up your mind to pass on to the people in order of importance in your office set up or around.

I at a personal level don’t encourage this culture to commercialise relationships – personal or professional. There is no harm in confessing though that I still look forward to “gifts” from some special people. Again no harm in confessing, from people in life who give “special” presents. You may read “precious”. For, the value of the gift is also an indicator of one’s commercial and professional worth.

As a junior journalist, one would feel that agonising difference between the varying size and value of the nicely-wrapped packets with a direct correlation to the post and position of the recipient. In a career spanning over three decades, one has received many, retained many and passed on many and declined to accept quite a few.

But the one I received today inspired me to key down this emotional storm of thoughts.  This gift is the best ever in life. Worth calling each of my contacts and asking for the gift. Shamelessly. With pride, rather.


This undoubtedly happens to be among the inspiring gestures for a lifetime. On this festival on lights, it can’t be better than being part of a deal to extend the “light of vision” – not philosophical, but ophthalmological – to an anonymous person in need.

Star India has done this for me. That is my BEST EVER Diwali Gift from the BEST SPORTS BROADCASTER in the country. They say GREAT PEOPLE NURTURE GRAND THOUGHTS. This Star India greeting and gift I received on the Diwali eve reflects the GRANDEUR of a thought process that creates the leaders for all walks of life. That makes the difference between No. 1 and the followers.

The image below is not just a greeting. One has received thousands and might get hundreds more. Then, what makes it so special? See it for yourself. Hope it inspires you, too, as it has inspired me!!

This “gift of vision” – a ₹ 1,800 contribution on my behalf to VISION FOUNDATION OF INDIA towards the cost of an eye surgery – is an eye-opener. Much before that surgical procedure enlightens a life, there is an enlightenment within.

Heartiest Diwali Greetings to all insidesport.co readers and a special thanks to Star India from the core of my heart.

The person behind this thought deserves a standing ovation. Take a bow all, who made it a reality.


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