5 major turn around which can happen tonight on Smackdown after Hell in a Cell 2020

WWE Smackdown: And so, we arrive at the highly-anticipated episode of WWE SmackDown after Hell in a Cell 2020.

The episode of RAW that followed Hell in a Cell 2020 wasn’t the best show, and it wasn’t the worst show either. It just reminded us that intra-brand rivalries would be put on the back-burner for the time being, as we focus on inter-brand feuds.

But now that the stage is set for Survivor Series, WWE SmackDown could certainly spice things up with a whole bunch of surprises, and here are 5 of them.

# 5. Randy Orton makes his surprising appearance on Smackdown, and give RKO to Roman Reigns
So, It is brand vs brand at Survivor Series when Randy Orton will clash against Roman Reigns within three weeks time to prove which brand’s champion is more superior. However, it is highly anticipated that Randy Orton will walk down to Smackdown this week and might produce the first strike on Roman Reigns before Survivor Series. It will be a strong heel vs heel match that everybody wants to see at Survivor Series.
# 4. Daniel Bryan to become Intercontinental Champion this week
Daniel Bryan wants the Intercontinental Championship to be defended every week on WWE SmackDown and Sami Zayn does not believe that should be the case at all. We are clearly headed for a massive WWE SmackDown feud between the two men and the best way to ensure that the title is defended on the show every week may be to put the title around Sami Zayn’s waist.

It also solves the other problem of Sami Zayn vs. Bobby Lashley happening at Survivor Series, which is a feud that does not really make sense at all not only because both the WWE SmackDown and RAW Champions are heels.

It is just not an exciting match, especially if you go back to the last time these two men clashed when Lashley’s sisters were brought up.

# 3. Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio become part of Survivor Series
The WWE SmackDown Survivor Series team will need to be loaded with top talent to overcome the stars in the RAW squad, and there’s every possibility that Seth Rollins may have to work with Rey Mysterio, as a result. Remember that the reason why WWE SmackDown star Rey Mysterio is one eye short is because of Seth Rollins, who used the steel steps while both men were on RAW, but can they coexist for the benefit of their brand?

And who knows? Maybe Murphy could become a part of the WWE SmackDown as well, leading to further dissension within the WWE SmackDown Survivor Series squad, which eventually leads to the RAW team overcoming them.

But this week on WWE SmackDown, both men could go to Adam Pearce and let it be known that neither is happy to team up with the other, even if it is for the benefit of the brand. WWE thrives on drama, and this alliance will certainly be quite dramatic.

# 2. Carmella out comes top on Sasha Banks
Even though we’ve seen the vignettes, Carmella’s brand new avatar is yet to appear on the WWE SmackDown brand and the hype grows with every passing week. There is no way to top the match that Sasha Banks and Bayley had at WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship, so the only way to keep the few going and keep it intriguing may be to insert another Superstar into the mix. We know that Carmella and Bayley are the best of friends, and each woman can, in turn, elevate the other.

We also know that Sasha Banks does not stay Champion for too long, so the plan could actually be for Carmella to win the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship from ‘The Boss’.

Another idea that makes sense could be an alliance between Bayley and Carmella as they both come after the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, and one has to wait and see what the plans are, for this week’s show.

#1. Big E demands his Championship rematch against Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns is just in a league of his own, and his position at the head of the table on WWE SmackDown will not be challenged by anyone for a while. That said, someone like Big E could show an element of doubt if he squares off against Roman Reigns considering the way he’s been booked in the last few months.

Could Big E step out and make his intentions for the Universal Championship known to Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown?